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Call of Duty: Vanguard - Stalingrad Winter

This level was quite the experience. I joined the SHG Melbourne team to help them deliver this level from blockout to polish. We just started a content team in Melbourne for this game so this is some of the first content they ever delivered and they really did a fantastic job.

I took this level from blockout to polish, doing landscape modeling, design iteration, level architecture, prop modeling, material creation (several snow materials that really drove the look of the scene), and set dressing. I also spent large portions of this project teaching the new team how to use our tools and how to work effectively across departments.

Very special thanks to:
Stephen "Pops" Honegger (Melbourne Environment Art Lead)
Gerardo Garza (Environment Art Lead)
Rens de Boer (Photogrammetry Assets)
Mark Bolak
Angus Ayres
Okan Beyit
Anthony Fordham
Andrew Gebert
Laurence Hester
Kai Li
Timmy Sanchez
Artemiy Bulgakov (Tech Art Optimization)