Call of Duty: Vanguard - Stalingrad Summer

On Stalingrad Summer I was responsible primarily for the streets and park area in the first half of the level.
This space went through a few hands before settling on me. I came up with the final look we went with for the space as well as the final layout. My tasks involved terrain modeling, environment architecture, foliage authoring (particularly the lilac trees), prop modeling (the street car system in particular), material authoring (sidewalk materials, debris decals), and set dressing. I worked closely with animation to make this space feel alive and bustling. It was a fun experience.

Special thanks to:
Chris Webb (Environment Art Lead)
Gerardo Garza (Environment Art Lead)
Wayne Dalton (Killer prop work)
Ric Liu (Designer)
And the various artists who touched this space at some point. I can't even keep track, haha